Negativity Can Hurt Your Work Environment by Alex Stuart

What is one key reason why people who love going to work every day like their jobs so much? Their work environment! Pleasant interactions with superiors and coworkers are key to maintaining a positive, productive work environment. There are three key social media mistakes made by professionals every single day.
• Saying negative things about coworkers
Negative opinions between coworkers can negatively affect a work environment. While it may not be grounds for termination, it can affect the productivity of the company. Coworkers who don’t trust one another or who have underlying negativity are less likely to get projects done efficiently and work together pleasantly. In addition, burning bridges could affect you later in your career. The lazy person whose cubicle was next to yours in your 20’s could be your boss one day. Keep it professional and avoid those kinds of preventable setbacks.
• Saying negative things about your job and company as a whole
Too many people get fired every day for this. This is a big time mistake. Posting on public social media accounts about how much you dislike your job, or the company you work for, is disastrous. We all get frustrated, and if you need to vent, make sure your privacy settings are airtight. The important thing to keep in mind is that people have disliked their jobs for as long as they’ve been around, but before social media, we had friends and family as our soundboards. Don’t lose sight of that!
• Associating yourselves with controversial opinions
As Americans (or citizens in any developed country), we are fortunate enough to be able to hold any beliefs that we choose. However, that doesn’t mean that employers need to go along with that. Every company is entitled to the way they choose to represent themselves in the public eye, and if you differ with that image, your job could be history. Free speech and the right to express yourself do NOT come with the right to be employed by those who disagree with you. It’s always important to keep that in mind, and keep your opinions off of social media accounts.
How do you prevent yourself from committing any of these social media “crimes”? My Social Standard is a brand new app that, for a low price, will detect harmful and negative language through their revolutionary algorithm. You will be alerted about any problematic posts, and be given the ability to delete it or override the system. Together, we can work to eliminate social media blunders from the workplace!

Negativity Can Hurt Your Work Environment by Alex Stuart

Are You Judging Others by Michele Joel

Psychologists will say that we are hard-wired to label others and these assumptions help protect us, yet it is my thought that conscious identification is the keystone to create behavioral changes. How can we begin to reprogram our “natural”, stereotypical outlook of others?

First, what is a stereotype? Here are some examples:

Focus on appearance, gender, jobs, nationality etc.

Many people feel pressure to fit in or belong so they try to “stand-in” instead of standing out as becoming the crowd “norm”. Bullying happens when an individual is picked as an “outsider” or someone who holds many stereotypes from the group.

5 Ways to Identify and Stop Stereotyping:

1. Cultivate a sense of self

2. Explore their identity and what that means

3. Build healthy self-esteem

This week, focus your intention to see how many times you instantly judge others based on a stereotype. It will be astounding. Does your mood change? When you can identify the situation, how correct or incorrect were your assumptions? Now, make a game-plan how to build activities to create awareness and explore what identity means to you. Let us know how this activity worked for you by joining in our conversation in social media: Facebook and Twitter!

Are You Judging Others by Michele Joel