Are You Judging Others by Michele Joel

Psychologists will say that we are hard-wired to label others and these assumptions help protect us, yet it is my thought that conscious identification is the keystone to create behavioral changes. How can we begin to reprogram our “natural”, stereotypical outlook of others?

First, what is a stereotype? Here are some examples:

Focus on appearance, gender, jobs, nationality etc.

Many people feel pressure to fit in or belong so they try to “stand-in” instead of standing out as becoming the crowd “norm”. Bullying happens when an individual is picked as an “outsider” or someone who holds many stereotypes from the group.

5 Ways to Identify and Stop Stereotyping:

1. Cultivate a sense of self

2. Explore their identity and what that means

3. Build healthy self-esteem

This week, focus your intention to see how many times you instantly judge others based on a stereotype. It will be astounding. Does your mood change? When you can identify the situation, how correct or incorrect were your assumptions? Now, make a game-plan how to build activities to create awareness and explore what identity means to you. Let us know how this activity worked for you by joining in our conversation in social media: Facebook and Twitter!

Are You Judging Others by Michele Joel

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